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  • DENALI CANsmart Accessory Controller GEN II – “KTM” (1050/1090/1190/1290/790)


    For the KTM 1090, 1190 and 1290 models, the ezCAN can unlock all the extra ABS modes and “bad-fuel” mode which normally require the purchase of an additional KTM dongle.

  • DENALI CANsmart™ Controller GEN II – BMW R1200LC & R1250 Series


    Product Description

    Harness the flexibility and intelligence of your BMW motorcycle’s CAN bus electrical system to make installation of accessories drastically easier with the new and improved DENALI CANsmart™ Controller GEN II.

    The DENALI CANsmart™ Controller provides plug-n-play installation and integrated control of up to four accessories to enable dozens of customizable settings that can be controlled right from the BMW “WonderWheel” or the CANsmart™ Accessory Manager Software.

    The CANsmart’s four circuits are preprogrammed to connect and independently control two sets of DENALI lights, a SoundBomb horn, and our B6 auxiliary brake light.

    Gen II – More Features, More Power, More Versatile

    Unlike the Gen I CANsmart, all four circuits of the Gen II can provide a full 10 amps of continuous power and each circuit can be configured to run any accessory type. The maximum power draw for the whole unit remains at 30 amps continuous. The Gen II also features two new auxiliary light settings. You can now modulate your auxiliary lights for added conspicuity, and set your left and right side lights to independently cancel when you activate your corresponding turn signal.

  • DENALI D3 Driving Light (Unidade)


    Specifications D3 Single Pod size: 90mm x 66mm LEDs: 11-Watt Cree XP-P x 3 Power Consumption: 36 Watts (3 Amps) Output Lumens: 2100 DataDim™ Compatible: Yes Operating Voltage: 9-32V DC Waterproof/Submersible to IP67 rating Certification “Main Beam” headlamp. Kit Contents D3 Driving Light (with Spot lens) x 1 Hybrid lens x 1 Hinge Mount with…

  • DENALI D3 Fog Light (Unidade)


    The DENALI D3 Fog Lights are the most powerful fog lights available, providing a beam reach of 137m and beam width of 91m. There is no other legal fog light that comes close to this intensity as the unique lens is designed specifically to deliver the maximum allowed light within the designated zones for both USA SAE/DOT and EU regulations.
    This product is a single D3 Fog light.

  • DENALI D4 Hi-Power LED Light (Unidade)


    The Denali D4 TriOptic™ LED Light is one of the most powerful LED lighting systems on the market today but draws only 6.6A (pair) at full power.

    This product is a single D4 quad light pod. The DENALI D4 kit (comprising two lights and all necessary cabling) is available here.

  • DENALI D4 Hi-Power Quad LED Light (PAR)


    Kit Contents D4 LED light housings x 2 “True-Hybrid”™ lens plates (pre-installed in the housings) x 2 Spot lens plates (CE-Mark approved) x 2 HotSwap™ single intensity wiring harness x 1 DrySeal™ waterproof illuminated switch x 1 Switch support for 22mm (7/8in) handlebars x 1 Switch support for 25mm (1in) handlebars x 1 Housing brackets…

  • DENALI D7 Hi-Power LED Light Pod (Unidade)


    This is a single DENALI D7 light pod without installation cabling, suitable for use with the DENALI CANsmart accessory controller cable.

    For details about these lights, please refer to the full description in the DENALI D7 kit.

  • DENALI Premium Powersports Wiring Harness Kit for DENALI Lights


    The DENALI Premium Powersports Wiring Harness is the same as that included with the DENALI lights kits D2, D4, D7, DM, DR1 (but not the S4).

    All connectors are waterproof and use high quality molded heat-shrink to prevent water ingress to the cables.
    The ON/OFF switch is also sealed/waterproof and may be mounted directly onto a flat surface or onto bars 22mm/1″with the included brackets.

    The harness connects directly to the battery and provides two powered outputs controlled by the ON/OFF switch with an overriding trigger-wire so the lights cannot be switched on when the engine is not running.

    The harness supports the use of the optional accessory DataDim™ controller to allow the intensity of the lights to be synchronized (50%/100%) with the low/high beam lights.

  • DENALI S4 Hi-Power LED Light (Unidade)


    This is a single DENALI S4 light pod without installation cabling, suitable for use with the DENALI CANsmart accessory controller cable.

    For details about these lights, please refer to the full description in the DENALI S4 kit.

  • DENALI S4 Hi-Power Quad LED Light (Par)


    The DENALI S4 quad LED Lights are designed as a more general-use version of the professional D4 High Power quad LED lights.
    The S4 lights are smaller and lighter than the D4 pods and so can be installed in less-secure locations such as the mudguards. They have a non-removable, fixed quad lens that provides two spot beams and two wide flood beams combined, to offer a hybrid pattern.

    The lights are built from two tough metal housings equipped with eight high-power LEDs. The housings are made from aluminium with a black powder-coated finish and have cooling fins cast into the body for maximum heat dissipation. The light output is automatically modified to prevent over-heating in the most extreme conditions and so ensure the maximum life from the components.

    The lights are water-proofed to the IP67 standard.